Commercial Business Property Insurance Coverage

Your business is your livelihood and having the right property insurance is vital to keeping your business alive.

Our business property insurance advisors will walk you through all the different coverages you should consider including covering the outdoor property, lawn coverage (often not even considered) and off-premises coverage when you or employees are doing work away from the office.

Consider all the issues that could crop up at your business and we will show you some business property insurance issues you might not have even thought of.

Property insurance is more than just the building. We will look at property insurance that also covers personal property inside the building as well as loss of income due to many factors. Most policies include additional coverage at no charge that provides higher coverage limits than most standard policies, in addition to extra coverages normally not found. Some property insurance coverages even offer you the option to purchase higher limits.

The following list only highlights some of the property insurance coverages often included:

  • Newly Acquired Property and Business Personal Property
  • Off-Premises Coverage for Property
  • Outdoor Property and Outdoor Signs attached to Buildings
  • Lawn Coverage on which your property is located
  • Arson Reward information leading to an arrest
  • Extra Expenses incurred to keep your business running after an insured loss
  • Water Back-up and Overflow from sewers, drains or sumps
  • Money and Securities
  • Employee Dishonesty


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