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Our Team of Insurance


Our focus is to help you make an informed decision about the coverage and policy options you have to be confident in your level of protection and pleased with the process.



Keith Kaetterhenry
608-830-5810Send Email
Patrick Kelly
608-830-5834Send Email
Jonathon Zwettler
Vice President of Sales
608-830-5808Send Email
Kristin Oster
Human Resources / Office Manager
608-830-5820Send Email

Commercial Lines

Stan Heller
Senior Account Executive
608-830-5802Send Email
Ryan Burns
Senior Account Executive
608-830-5833Send Email
Hillary Pink-Budworth
Senior Account Executive
608-830-5851Send Email
Brendan Woods
Account Executive
608-830-5837Send Email
Joey Broms
Account Executive
608-830-5848Send Email
Mike Zagrodnik
Account Executive
608-830-5803Send Email
Sheila Blum
Account Manager
Epic Systems Specialist
608-830-5805Send Email
Nikki Huseth
Account Manager
608-830-5804Send Email
Megan Corace
Account Manager
608-830-5821Send Email
Jess Piontek
Account Manager
608-830-5831Send Email
Cary Neess
Small Business Specialist
608-830-5817Send Email
Padee Thor
Small Business Specialist
608-830-5827Send Email
Michael Ingalls
Small Business Specialist
608-830-5809Send Email
Brian Kaetterhenry
Marketing Center Specialist
608-830-5824Send Email
Barbara Conway
Marketing Center Specialist
608-830-5849Send Email

Personal Lines

Melanie Penshorn
Senior Account Executive
608-830-5816Send Email
Jennie Owens
Account Executive
608-830-5807Send Email
Mike Peterson
Account Executive
608-830-5830Send Email
Julie Smith
Account Executive
608-830-5825Send Email
Roya Romaine
Account Executive
608-830-5836Send Email

Employee Benefits

Lars Schultz
Benefits Account Executive
608-830-5850Send Email
Pam Higinbotham
Account Manager
608-830-5823Send Email


Whitney Biddick
Account Manager
608-830-5814Send Email


Kimberly Shea
Digital/Media Specialist
608-830-5818Send Email
Beverly Petrolis
608-830-5800Send Email
Helen Kitelinger
P & C Admin Assistant
608-830-5822Send Email
Geoffrey Montgomery
Admin Assistant
608-830-5832Send Email
Maggie Rothmann
Project Specialist
608-830-5806Send Email
Kelly Deneen
Associate Account Manager
608-830-5828Send Email

Middleton, WI