Protecting Investments with Condominium Association Insurance

Condominiums offer residents a unique living experience quite different than renting and quite different than owning. The uniqueness of condo life is why condominium associations are formed: building coverage is needed for common areas inside and outside. You also need to have members’ liability coverage. This is why condominium association insurance is vital.

Condominium Association Members’ Liability

The shared ownership agreement for condominiums forces unit owners to oversee management of the building(s). There are plenty of member liability risks when you have shared swimming pools, spas, saunas, workout rooms, playground equipment and your parking lots.

Members’ liability protection is a must to help cover costs associated with a lawsuit in the event of an accident in a common, shared area.

Condominium Association Insurance Building Coverage

Baer condominium association insurance offers policies for building coverage and beyond, as outlined in your association bylaws. Since you are sharing hallways, elevators, basements and other common rooms, we will work with you to determine the specific types of coverage, deductibles and other specific requirements needed to fulfill your association’s goals.

Call us today to discuss options to protect your condo association and the condo complex you have invested in.