Health Insurance

Finding the right health insurance coverage can be a difficult journey even for those who have waded through “personal health insurance red tape” before. We all know costs for health insurance rise every year. Individual health insurance keeps the bills from piling up. It can cost a lot to just see your doctor once a year. Imagine needing tests, surgery or a sudden emergency and not having the right individual insurance coverage. These are scenarios Baer Insurance Services doesn’t want anyone to have to go through. Baer Insurance Services can help you find the right health insurance providing you with peace of mind.

What is Individual Insurance?

Unlike health insurance you might receive from an employer, commonly called group insurance, individual insurance provides medical coverage for you or for your family that YOU choose; you decide which personal health insurance works specifically for you or for you and your family. Health Insurance Providers will evaluate your risk through typical medical questions and/or a physical exam. The risk you pose determines if you qualify and the cost of your health insurance.

Why Do I Need Individual Health Insurance?

Health insurance is required by law. Having personal health insurance will be better than not having any health insurance and suddenly finding yourself in a medical emergency. The risk of going without health insurance is too great; an unexpected illness or serious injury can put you and your family in financial peril. Personal health insurance puts you directly in control your health needs; you can choose what to include and what to exclude and can choose deductible amounts and co-pay.

What Will the Health Insurance Provider Need?

Your personal health history is what will determine coverage. Presently, pre-existing conditions are covered by ALL health insurance providers.

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