What is your “Why”?

Insurance policies and risk management strategies are traditionally slow to change, is your insurance provider helping you to get ahead of the curve?

In my last blog I addressed some of the issues we see in the commercial insurance industry that negatively impact businesses and their employees. Though each business we work with has unique needs, we have been told by our clients that the education and enlightenment we provide is worth the time they spend with us. Our clients choose Baer because we help them define a risk management strategy, provide the tools and encouragement they need to take action, and most of all help hold them accountable to executing that strategy. They renew with us and refer us because of the positive impact we have made helping them to improve their businesses and beat their competitors.

Today’s blog isn’t specifically about how we help because until you experience the Baer difference those words won’t mean much. Simon Sinek tells us that “Why” we do things is the most important message to relay to clients and potential clients alike. I wanted to step back and talk a bit more about why we do what we do and specifically why I chose to focus my practice on the highly educated professionals in design and technology.

As the tech sector and design industry have seen incredible growth over the past decade, the insurance agents and carriers they work with haven’t been forced to keep up with the changes. All of the new opportunity meant there wasn’t a need to evolve or improve. I choose to challenge that thinking.

At Baer we prefer to work with professionals that take the time to understand, that don’t rely solely on hope as their risk management strategy and are committed to improving their businesses. Insurance isn’t a commodity and shouldn’t be treated as such. The businesses that choose to partner with us have made the decision that they are ready to evolve. They ask questions. They challenge ideas. They commit to improving their business practices. All of this because they want to be better for their employees, for their clients, for their families and for their communities. We are in business because the businesses we work with want to be their best and they believe that the team at Baer can help get them there.

My “Why” is simple, I like to help people succeed!