Do You Have the Right Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

You spent a lot of time saving for it and a lot of time researching it. Shouldn’t you have the right insurance for your motor home, ATV or boat? A recreational vehicle is a big investment. Your recreational vehicle insurance doesn’t need to be but it better cover any issue you might have.

RV/MotorHome Insurance

Your car insurance company MIGHT extend to your RV/Motor Home but we suggest separate recreational vehicle insurance for this investment that covers specific risks not associated with an automobile. Remember, your motorhome is a permanently attached living quarter complete with appliances for cooking, refrigeration, water, electrical and, waste tanks. Any of these can cause issues that could result in large bills for repair.

Baer Insurance will work with you to custom build a motorhome insurance policy. Most states already require liability insurance for motorhomes. We will take a look at comprehensive coverage as well as collision and vacation liability; if your motorhome is parked and something happens inside the motorhome, you should have coverage for that.

Boat Insurance

Like car and motorhome insurance, your boat insurance should have collision and property damage liability as well as bodily injury and comprehensive in case it is stolen or vandalized. We would also want to discuss additional coverage for medical payments, damage or stolen fishing equipment as well as possible oil spills you could be fined for.

The amount of boat insurance you need depends on numerous factors, which will include value, age, motor size and usage. A speedboat and a pontoon boat will have different coverage needs. The amount of people your boat can carry will also play into coverage needs and costs.

We take great care in producing a boat insurance policy that covers the unexpected and will walk you through it all, possibly covering liability issues you haven’t even thought of.

ATV Insurance

Not all states require ATV insurance but we highly recommend you cover this purchase as well as cover riders and others who may be involved with your ATV activities. There are many factors that will go into determine the cost of your ATV insurance. They include your driving record, how often the ATV is used, how fast it goes, and your credit history your age and the age of other potential drivers as well as gender.

ATVs are extremely fun but risky investments. Baer ATV insurance is built around covering costs associated not only with accidents or incidents but theft and repair if needed.

Contact us today to discuss recreational vehicle insurance and we will have you on the road or off-road or on the water in not time!